Web Based 3D Visualization

A web based system that allows the user to select, sort, and measure 3D bodies using displays inside of ordinary web browsers without the use of 3D plug-ins is presented. Our system, AnthroWeb3DMeasure(AW3DM), allows users to visually explore a set of 3D laser scanned bodies

Human Computer Interaction

In almost any computer system project, the goal is to produce a robust, usable, and efficient system.  There are countless factors that are taken into consideration when designing the specifications and aspects of a system.  When making design and specification decisions, speed, efficiency, correctness, and usability are crucial components.  Looking at a system in a way that a human computer interaction specialist would, the most crucial component may ultimately be usability

X3DOM Object Manipulation and Generation

X3DOM, or 'Declarative 3D' is an architecture used to incorporate 3D graphics directory into the DOM(Document Object Model) of a WebGL compatible web browser.  WebGL is a JavaScript API(Application Programming Interface) that supports the use of GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration of physics and images directly inside of a web browser.  The ability to render interactive 3D graphics inside of a web browser without the use of third-party plugins is a newer technology.  This paper entails several-sub projects and a final comprehensive project which incorporate a variety of different web technologies